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April 13, 2011
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   Deryn frowned again. Why must he be so barking daft?!
     "My name is Deryn Sharp. But you knew me as Midshippman Dylan Sharp."
     "Dylan could've told you that" calm down, Deryn, calm down.
     "You are Aleksander Ferdinand Emperor of Austria-Hungary and you were my best friend. Your parents were killed away from home, so you, Klopp and Volger escaped from your castle on a walker and traveled all the way up to the swiss alps where you happened to see my ship and help rescue it. You and your men served on the Leviathan for months until exactly two years ago,-" Deryn felt her voice rising "-when you LEFT WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE!!!! You DUMMKOPF!!!! I HATE YOU! Get out of my house" Deryn was crying now. "I am Dylan, Al-Alek. I am." Alek stood up and walked to her.
      "Miss...are you ok?"
      "Wh-why don't you be-believe me?"
      "Your a girl. Dylan would have told me if he really was a girl."
      "What if  he couldn't because you left before he had a chance too?"
      "Well then I guess it would be my fault?"
      "aye. it would. But I take it you still don't believe me. After all we've been through-" Deryn grabbed a knife.
      "Mi-Miss, What are planning on doing with that knife??"
      "I'm going to show you who I am." With that, Deryn grabbed her hair, brought the knife up and chopped her hair off until it was as short as it was two years ago. When she spoke her voice was deeper.
      "Now, your Princeliness, do you believe me?" She smiled at Aleks surprised face.
      "Gods wounds! You are Dylan!!"
      "Now if you'll excuse me Alek, I must get ready."
      "Ready? For what?"
      "I'm going to meet my fiance. I hope he won't get mad about my hair.."
      "Fiance?? You mean you're-"
      "Yes Alek. I'm getting married. This weekend actually. Thank you for the visit but you being here will only make things worse." She was lying of course. She hadn't even been proposed to yet. She just wanted to forget about Alek and move on. Even if it hurt. Deryn gently led Alek to the door and closed the door the second he stepped out the threshold. She ran up to her room and cried.
   Alek was confused. He walked to his hotel in a daze, thinking about what had just happened. How could he have been so stupid!! He finally managed to find Dylan only to find that he was a she and that she was getting married and never wanted to see him again. He sat alone in his room just thinking. Then he realized something. The sole reason he wasn't able to stop thinking about Dyl-Deryn was that...he loved her. Deep down he's always loved her, he just didn't know it, and now she was being taken away from him. Alek made a decision right then and there. That weekend, he would appear before Deryn and declare his love for her. Whether she loved him back is something else...

   Determined to forget Alek all together, Deryn talked with Nick and convinced him to give her another chance. They were getting married on Saturday morning. Nick was a bit surprised by her short hair but he said he didn't care. A beautiful wife and would-be mother was enough. (Deryn snorted in disgust to that) . The few days preceeding the wedding were spent at the tailors where Deryn was fitted into a long white gown. With her blond hair and blue eyes her mother said she would look like an angel. Finally the big day arrived. Deryn was as nervous as ever. After all, she was  going to spend the rest of her life with Nick.
  Alek paced back and forth his hotel room. Today Deryn was getting married. Am I doing the right thing? YES! I am! I love Deryn and damnit I'm going to tell her I do!. Alek put on his jacket and marched out the hotel. Now all he had to do was find out where the wedding was...

  Here I go...Deryn clutched the flowers in her hand tightly and grabbed hold of her brother Jaspert. Together they began walking down the isle toward Deryns new husband-to-be. Once at the altar she took Nicks hand and stood in front of the priest.
    "Do you, Nick Jones, take Deryn to be your lawfully wedded wife? To cherish and to hold through sickness and health, till death do you part?"
    "I do"
    "Do you, Deryn Sharp, take Nick to be your lawfully wedded husband? To cherish-" At that moment the doors burst open and there stood a disheveled Alek. Deryn gaped at him as he ran up to the altar.
    "NO! Deryn, so help me, do NOT marry this man. Do NOT!"
    "And why should you care if I marry him or not?!"
    "Because I..because I love you Deryn!"
    "No. You're a liar! You didn't even know I was a girl till a few days ago! You didn't even say goodbye...I finally manage to forget about you and then you burst in again! You don't love me.." Nick stepped in between them.
    "Might I ask who you are, good sir?" Alek straightened up.
    "I am Aleksander Ferdinand. Emperor of Austria"
Here's part 2!! Enjoy! part 3 is coming up soon! :D (and keep in mind these are my first fanfics , and my details might not all be accurate lol
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dark000storys Dec 23, 2011  Student General Artist
I'm pretty sure my heart just jumped in my throat. i think it wants out, so it can slap Nick across the face -3-;;

Great story :) !!~~
Jorely-JellyLovesYou Dec 24, 2011   Traditional Artist
haha thanks!
dark000storys Dec 24, 2011  Student General Artist
no problem :) again, I really like the story ^^
Jorely-JellyLovesYou Dec 25, 2011   Traditional Artist
I'm glad you did :D
dark000storys Dec 25, 2011  Student General Artist
Stargirl8 Oct 18, 2011  Student Writer
Boom Nick, just friggin BOOM!
Lawls, I was reading this in the school's library and justabout everyone was staring at me lik "who the fuck is this girl making strange animal noises in the back of her throat"! lols this was an amazing chapter (just a bit raunchy on the "Alek suddenly loves Deryn" part but otherwise on the whole; pretty darn good!)
Jorely-JellyLovesYou Oct 18, 2011   Traditional Artist
lol I can imagine that,I would probably be doing the same thing lol exceot deviantart is blocked on my school :( but thank you :)
Stargirl8 Oct 20, 2011  Student Writer
awwwwww... thats too bad... I can go on DA but certain naughty stuff is blocked so I can't see those which makes me sad... :( but I really loved your story! WRITE MORE WRITE MORE WRITE MORE!!!
Jorely-JellyLovesYou Oct 20, 2011   Traditional Artist
lol Write more fanfiction or just write more stuff? :)
Stargirl8 Oct 24, 2011  Student Writer
fanfics DUH!!! What do you think I meant???
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